Silver Health Care

Getting the right history, conducting an appropriately accurate exam, ordering the right lab, and arriving at the right diagnosis and treatment plan is the core of what we do at Silver Health CARE.

Silver Health CARE is the oldest continuously operating practice in our region of New Mexico. We are well respected by colleagues and patients alike. To us, the practice of medicine is a way of life, not just a business or a job.

Our commitment to service extends to the many integral parts of our practice:

  • We have an Urgent CARE Clinic for walk-in care in Silver City and Deming
  • We work in the hospital as well as in nursing homes in Silver City
  • We facilitate home health services in Silver City
  • We provide convenient and lower cost laboratory services on site in both Deming and Silver City
  • We offer X-rays in Deming and Silver City and CT scans in Silver City
  • We offer a variety of practitioners in primary care, including internal medicine, family practice, pediatrics, and podiatry

Those who work in the healthcare field recognize the quality and value we bring to bear on medical services in our region. The fact that six of our current practitioners came to us from other practices in the area is a testament to the strength of our core values.

Our Practitioners

Our practitioners are the foundation of Silver Health CARE. We are very selective when choosing providers. When we add a practitioner to our exceptional team, we look for the following characteristics:

DIVERSITY: We realize that not all patients or their needs are alike, so we seek a diversity of practice styles, areas of expertise, personalities, and backgrounds to meet the needs of our wonderfully varied patient population. Variety is what New Mexico is all about and our staff reflects that. We also realize that your needs may change over time. It is always perfectly fine to go from one provider to another within our group as you see fit. We have over 24 practitioners to choose from.

CLINICAL EXPERTISE: We look to employ providers who excel at clinical accuracy and efficiency in healthcare – what you might call a doctor's doctor.

SERVICE ORIENTATION: The right diagnosis is not enough. We are interacting with people, so the human touch is paramount. Our expertise is delivered with compassion and understanding. It is hard for a patient to judge clinical expertise, so we realize that how we treat patients is the standard by which we are usually judged.

We strive to meet all your needs all the time. No one person can be available to everyone 24/7/365, which is why we work together in a group practice with like-minded practitioners, so that if your own provider is not available, you are assured of excellent care from any of the members of our medical staff.

Patients Come First

We offer a discount program to our patients who do not have health insurance or whose insurance plans have high deductibles. In fact, GRMC modeled its own program after ours. We have multiple geographic locations for the greater convenience of our patients. As we have grown and added programs, it has always been in response to the very real needs of our patients. Our approach is to embrace innovation and technologies if they better serve our patients.

ETHICS: It is truly amazing how often ethical issues come up in the everyday practice of medicine. We always put the interest of the patient first, even when it is to our own personal detriment. That is a compelling definition of professionalism in medicine.

PRODUCTIVITY: A practitioner has to be able to respond to the increasing needs of patients and the community. It is likely that as time goes on, those demands will increase. We seek to employ providers who are able to step up to the plate and meet those needs.

EFFICIENCY: We all know that healthcare expenditures, which seem to always be going up, place a great strain on our society. Each of us has seen many examples of patients who could have saved themselves (or their payers) a great deal of expense if they had just come in to see their primary care provider in the first instance, rather than to going to a specialist they thought they needed or going to the hospital ER. All of our practitioners are committed to meeting the needs of our patients at the lowest possible cost.

TEAMWORK: Healthcare services work best if everyone works together as a team to optimize the care of the patient. At Silver Health CARE, our patients have greater resources accessible to them. Healthcare is very complex: no one individual can be an expert in every area.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: At our various practice locations, we belong to the social fabric of those communities. Each of our practitioners plays an active role in making those communities a better place to live. We all share responsibility for improving our community.

Our entire staff shares our diversity, values, and commitment to the highest quality care for our patients. It is what makes all of us at Silver Health CARE a team entirely committed to you.